The Hives: Walk Idiot Walk (TBP Vocal Remix)

Meanwhile there are a lot of mixes of the Hives to be found anywhere, but I did this one at a time when I still did not have the acapella file. Rocks the house along with tunes from Kid Alex and other Rock Song Remixes …

The Hives: Walk Idiot Walk (TBP Dub Remix)

Actually the first mix I did with the song (before the Vocal Version). 80´s influenced sounds in here!

Pras: Ghetto Superstar ( TBP Get a Remix-Star Version)

Maybe my first "Remix". My DJ sets at that time contained a mixture between Rap/Hip Hop and House/Dance and I always was pissed that there were no songs to smoothly get from one style to the other. So I did this as a transition. Always rocked the house!




Manu Chao: Bongo Bong (TBP Sunhine House Mix)

I simply refused to play the Original version in the clubs when requested but thought it was a good song though. Was at the time Funkstar De Luxe came up with the House Version of Bob Marley´s "Sun is shining". So I produced it in that style.

Will Smith: Wild Wild West (TBP Wild Wild Remix)

Was produced before the official release date. I thought it was going to be a big hit - which it unfortunately never became. But I still like the half-beat passages with Sisqo and the insertion of the Western Film Classic near the end.




Backstreet Boys: Everybody (TBP Rock Your Body Mix)

I Was into Big Beat a lot at that time but could not play many of the tunes in the commercial clubs where I was Djing. So I tried to mix my favourite style of music with a hit.

Prince: Kiss (TBP Selected FX Remix)

I Love to stop the record of the Original Version right after the guitar solo, let the crowd scream for a few seconds and then continue playing it. Originally only wanted to "automize" that part and suddenly got a seven minute version of this dance classic.




Something For The People: My Love Is The Shhh (TBP Remix)

I used to put SFTP´s accapella live on a 126 BPM groove which I got on a vinyl. But that one got a bad bad scratch so that I decided to produce the whole remix.

TBP vs. Madonna: Call My Name

I swear I Started this before the famous Bootleg of "Like A Prayer" came on - but actually it took me too long to finish it ! Have got several versions, maybe one day I´ll upload another one. Note: Produced with Propellerhead´s Reason only.




Treble - Ramaganana (TBP Night Fever Mix)

The Original Song "Ramaganana" by the Dutch Girly-Trio Treble was Number One in Benelux in the Summer of 2004. Took the African sounding Hook-Line, mashed it with a sample of the Bee Gees´ Classic "Night Fever" and got this House Tune.

Treble - Ramaganana (TBP Night Fever Hook Mix)

Same as above, but in a different arrangement. Hook-Line comes in earlier, builds up a little more.

Treble - Ramaganana (TBP 80´s 99 Mix)

Just playing around with my new software synthesizer (Arturia´s Minimoog V) and the Treble samples I got another Remix with a sort of 80´s style - influenced Bass Line.