The City of Karlsruhe´s getting a little bit excited about "All You Can Dance". Got some cool press in advance saying that this kind of club night would give KA a "smack of metropolis". - We´ll see!

Added the "Rich Girl" - trilogy to mash-ups today. 3 different tunes containing the brand new Gw. Stef. - Single "Rich Girl" featuring Eve ...






Long time no update: Been very busy with the "All you can dance" - club night. Remember: Friday, Feb. 11th, Club Carambolage Karlsruhe, Germany!

2 TBP tracks on vinyl soon! "Gonna Make Betty Sweat" and the until now unreleased "Every You Is Cos I´m Cool" are gonna be part of a three-record International Bastard White Label ... available soon!

There are new tunes too, containing brand new material (originals just released) but right at the moment only available on culturedeluxe. Don´t forget to vote for the TBP stuff there !





TBP: "Walk Your Crazy Strikin Dancin Body" is the newest mash-up containing various dance acapellas over "Jacques Your Body" by Les Rythmes Digitales (the track used in the Peugeot ad...)

Plus: It´s official! The beautiful german city of Karlsruhe will get its first bastard pop, bootleg, mash-up & remix night: "All You Can Dance" - Friday, Feb. 11th, Club Carambolage ! Resident: TBP ... I will post the flyer asap.




New Mash-Up! Originally included in my "December Bar Mix" with rare choons you will find "Let The Shadows Play" using Shannon and The Rasmus under mash-ups.




Happy New Year ! 2005 seems to start quite good. Germany will get another Bootleg Club night starting in Karlsruhe in February; resident DJ: TBP! I´m very happy about it and will keep you up to date ...




Had a dj gig in a fantastic location last weekend. A cinema cancelled the late shows just to let us turn the music up. 2 new mash-ups resulted out of my set: Gwen Stefani´s latest hit "What You´re Waiting For" on two different phatt house tracks...





Really no update for 3 weeks? - Actually some new material was finished during that time. JLo Vs. Betty Boo & Andreas Johnson, The Harlem Gospel Singers Vs. Deep Dish and Destiny´s Child Vs. Booka Shade can be found under mash-ups.

Also: View the november charts on Culturedeluxe - Torero Boots included!




Changed the design of the webpage a little bit. There´s also a new track: "Gonna make Betty sweat" which you can find under mash-ups.




I´m very proud that some of my tracks have just entered the charts on Culturedeluxe. Go there, register and vote for TBP stuff (and all the other wonderful tunes that can be found there)




I´ve had a cool Halloween weekend with some Bootleg spinning in front of 800 people. Included in the set:

"Shadows Up", a new mash-up of Cameo and The Rasmus - see mash-ups for details ...



Attention ! High speed Peas to blast your speakers shortly - after downloading on mash-ups ...




"We got one for the party, one for the aftershow" - see mash-ups for details ...



So, finally and with all the little spare time that I have: Here it is. Welcome to Torero Bootleg Productions. Have been working on the site and on new tracks at the same time. So you won´t have to wait for the first update too long ...