The main Goal for a DJ: Always give the audience what they want! But: Try to surprise the crowd whenever you can.
That´s why back in 1999 I started to produce my own versions of some of the tracks I played in my DJ sets - which often resulted in meanwhile so called "Bastard Pop" - Tracks or "Mash-Ups".

What can I say - it´s time to share them with you and this is the place where you can listen to them.

Please note that this site is dedicated to the art of remixing and creating music from other people's work as an advert for my "skills". The copyright is still held with the original artists and if you own the copyright to any material used and are opposed by the way I've reworked it, I will happily delete it from the site if requested.

It is intended that if you download any material from this site, it is for evaluation purposes only and that it will be deleted from your computer within 48 hours after listening to it. Copying and/or other actions which includes distribution of the promotional work on this site is prohibited. Me and my ISP can not be held liable for any such actions beyond our control. By downloading anything from this site, you and your ISP agree to these terms. If you like the music, please go out and buy the original versions (wherever possible).